Pretty In Pink

Hey Guys! Welcome to my blog! I am so excited for this new venture because this is something that I have always wanted to do. Nothing excites me more than getting dressed and looking good, gives me the most energy ever!

So a little bit about me, I’ve always had a passion for fashion since I was a little girl. My hopes and dreams was to become a Fashion Designer and own my own boutique. I went to a architecture and design high school, had plans to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I literally had it all mapped out. Well, when I was 19 years old, I got pregnant with my first son (Byron) and I quickly overcame that dream and decided to go to school for law because I felt I would be more secure in that field. ¬†Therefore, I went to school for law and obtained my degree in Paralegal Studies, all while still loving fashion.

Fast forward 10 years later, I still work as a Paralegal for a workers’ compensation law firm in Center City, PA. Don’t get me wrong, I really love what I do for a living and I make a pretty good income but there is still that part of me that needs to be fulfilled when it comes to my love for fashion.

So here you have Chic Daily Blog. Chic Daily represents me as a woman. Chic Daily represent chic in fashion, chic in finances, chic in health, and the list goes on. I’ve always felt theist word that would describe me chic. I have a love for fashion, personal finances and traveling the world.

I am so excited that you have visited my blog and I really hope that you are here to stay for this journey and watch me evolve as a fashionista, finance advisor and world traveler!

Thank you!


Lisa Lee

ROMPER: House of Chic LA –


BAG: Louis Vuitton Palms Spring



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