Hey Luvs! I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  My work week was the longest week ever.  Which is why I’m ecstatic that its Friday so I can get my weekend started although I know its going to fly by.

I have a few plans for this weekend one of which is a family fun day but for tonight I put together a chic and simple look for date night with the hubby, who is also my personal photographer.  I’m so grateful that he makes time and effort in making my pictures look amazing.

So I put this little ensemble together featuring a statement pair of pants from none other than…..ZARA! Ya’ll know I love Zara, but I actually purchased these last year from their sale, and I think I paid $19.99 if I’m not mistaken. The lace bodysuit paired perfectly to mute the outfit a bit, I found the same one from a online site called Know Style. The  weather has been absolutely amazing these past few days in Philly so I didn’t need to wear a coat (I hate wearing coats) so I wore a leather cape jacket from BCBG.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, enjoy!




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