Hey Luvs! Welcome back to another blog post.  Today I wanted to mention the topic of social media and basically the pros and cons of such.  I’ve had conversations with friends, co-workers and even my husband about how social media can be such a awesome tool for business owners and entrepreneurs.  But it can also be super draining to see some people utilizing social media as a place to vent and bash other people.  I found myself even deactivating my account a few times because of the negative energy I was receiving from other people posts. There is also this image that people like to portray as if their life is super perfect and every aspect of their life is seamless. Family life is on point, Marriage/relationship is on point, finances is on point, Work is on point, Life in general is on point.  You can’t help but to compare. And honestly speaking, I don’t think its realistic to say that every person who seem as though they have it all together is “frauding” or lying.  Its not a long shot to say some people actually do have it together.

Recently, I decided to basically “detox” my Instagram account and get rid of all the bad seeds.  People who were not inspiring and/or motivating me in some way. I am only interested in positive vibes. Negative people can literally suck the life out of you and their insecurities can become yours (believe it or not). Next, I decided to use social media for business only. I cleaned up my profile to reflect the aesthetic of a blogger because it is now a business.

All in all, making the best of social media would definitely consist of utilizing it for one specific thing, whether its for connecting with family, networking, business, or etc. Secondly, unfollow anyone who makes you question your own life, sends negative vibes and/or unmotivate you in some way. Lastly, follow people who inspire you to become better, successful and happy.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Xo, Lisa




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