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Having a baby is the biggest sacrifice but yet greatest blessing. I had my first son when I was 19 years old and all I can remember is the days when I could wear midriffs like it was nothing! Oh how I miss my old stomach! Well, unfortunately for me, that is definitely a thing of the past due to stretch marks LOL. I mean, not all women get them but hey…I did. I’ve never been ashamed though, I believe having children is the most rewarding job in the world. Now after three kids I can proudly say I “bounced back” pretty well and I learned something different after each birth which I wanted to share for those who may be struggling in this department. It’s always nice to get a little “pick-me-up….


I know a lot of women who don’t like the idea of breastfeeding because of having what I like to call “Mom Boobs” (which i know all about because it happened to me after baby number one, I was literally mortified) but breastfeeding honestly has a greater benefit for mom and baby.  I was able to lose all of my baby weight due to breastfeeding and what I like most is that breastmilk has antibodies that help fight off viruses and bacteria which means less hospital visits (I didn’t even breastfeed long and my kids rarely got sick). Another fun fact is that you can get breast augmentation surgery like myself and its a win win!


I suggest once you get the green flag from your doctor to start a workout routine that you can fit into your schedule that is also reasonable.  You can start small and I also suggest doing workouts where you can incorporate your kids. For example, taking a stroll in the park with baby in the stroller, every little bit counts! But remember to be consistent.


When I was pregnant with baby number 3, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes due to passing my glucose test by one point.  My doctor was concerned that my numbers were high and just wanted to be safe rather than sorry.  Honestly, I am so grateful for the experience because it was a real wakeup call for me.  I never cared for my sugar intake before but now I take everything into consideration. My diabetes was diet controlled at about 36 weeks of pregnancy, and let me tell you how I was shedding pounds every single week! I started to get concerned but my doctor reassured it was solely due to the diet. Once I gave birth to baby girl I continued my diet and I am proud to say I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (I gained approximately 35-40 pounds during pregnancy).


This is going to sound cliche, but accept the things you cannot change, the last thing us moms need is more pressure! With pregnancy number 3, I literally did not pressure myself in no way at all. I didn’t even purchase a belly band and I did much better than my previous pregnancies.  I got a lot of rest, drank a lot of water and enjoyed every moment of postpartum.


Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without feeling the need for anyone else’s approval.






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