WHAT I’M WEARING: Dress: BEBE | Shoes: Zara

Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday! With the holidays being over I feel like Ed and I can focus on our “us” time and we are always thinking of new ways to spend quality time together. Our most favorite date night would be movies and a dinner – it just never gets old to me lol! But, of course, its always nice to switch things up every now and then. Here are my top 10 date night ideas…

  1. Binge Watch Netflix – This is something we do on a weekly basis. We are loving 7 Seconds, Wanted, Ozark, Riverdale to name a few.
  2. Painting w/ a Twist – This is a awesome date night idea, the first time we went we had a awesome time. My husband is very competitive so it was cute to see him really trying to paint a portrait.
  3. Go To A Arcade –  Dave & Busters or Main Event is great. You can eat, drink, play games, win tickets and win prizes – without the kids might I add :)!
  4. Go On A Road Trip – I really hate road trips because I get super nervous in the car but our very first road trip was so fun – we laughed, we joked – a nice way to spend quality time together.
  5. Have A Game Night – Taboo is our favorite game right now, you can even have a “Couples Night” to incorporate other couples.
  6. Go To A Cooking Class – Anyone will enjoy this!
  7. 5 Star Dinner Date – Get dressed up and go to a 5 star restaurant. Fine dining is one of my favs and we like to do this every now and then.
  8. Go To A Musical or Comedy Show – We recently went to the Kevin Hart show and had a ball.
  9. Go To A Concert – We love concerts, this is perfect for a Beyonce & Jay-Z show!
  10. Go To A Flower Arrangement Class – This is such a romantic date.

Share some of your date night ideas 🙂




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