Hey Everyone! Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Landen! Today we celebrate Landen’s 4th Birthday and honestly I am still in shock as to how fast this time has gone.  It feels like yesterday when we went to Disney World to celebrate his 1st birthday. Wow. This year is much more special because Landen is starting to understand birthdays LOL. Before he would think his birthday was everyday, haha!


My little sweet and sour patch


The weather was so perfect to be out in the neighborhood riding his Dino Power Wheels



WHAT I’M WEARING: H&M Sweater | Shoes: Uggs Neumel

LANDEN: Jurassic World Power Wheels

Its so challenging coming up with unique ideas for Landen’ s birthday being as though its on New Year’s Day and I am so over birthday parties – I hate to say it but I feel like we spend so much money on these “grand” parties and the return just doesn’t add up. I rather put the money in my kids account or travel. Now for his 5th birthday, I will definitely do a party – its only right lol.

There are so many things I enjoy about this stage – he looks so cute in almost anything and I can dress him however I please, he is independent, says the darndest things lol, his vocabulary grows daily, always want me around (unlike my preteen). I try to enjoy this stage as much as possible because before I know he’ll be grown!

We celebrated Landen’s birthday at Main Event which is very similar to Dave and Busters. We started a family tradition where we sing happy birthday during the ball drop even if we decide to give him a party – I think its pretty cool and something we can carry on.





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