Paris has been on my travel list for the longest, definitely my favorite city in the world. Although I have only been once, I do plan on taking my kids in the near future. Our trip consisted of visiting museums and touristy spots. The weather was absolutely amazing, the only downside I must say is the fact that I was pregnant and was experiencing a lot of morning sickness, but I managed as best as I could.


THE LOUVRE: It is definitely best to plan ahead for the Louvre. I suggest buying tickets online (like we did) it saves a lot of time in line, dress comfortable as this museum is HUGE! We took several snack breaks considering the fact that I was prego lol. This may be boring to some people but I enjoyed it because I’m just that girl. They do have the option to do a audio tour but we declined and explored on our own.



THE EIFFEL TOWER: My favorite part of Paris! You can’t go to Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. You can actually take a tour of the Eiffel Tower to the top via elevator or stairs.  There is also a restaurant on the middle level of the tower, which is beautiful. I love how you can see the tower from almost any place in Paris.


snack break lol




NOTRE DAME: The cathedrals in Paris are absolutely beautiful!


Sneakers are a must, be prepared for lots of walking


ARC DE TRIOMPHE:  One of the most famous monuments in Paris, you can climb the top of the monument, there is a gift shop and lost of historical facts at the top. It takes a lot of energy to climb but the view at the top is worth the climb!


This is the view at the top of Arc De Triomphe


LOVELOCK BRIDGE: The official “Lovelock Bridge” as been removed but there are several bridges throughout Paris where you can place a lock, apparently officials in Paris feared the locks weighing down the bridges. We found a bridge and decided to place a lock on it.


The list goes on as far as landmarks to visit in Paris….The Palace of Versailles, Sacre’-Coeur, Musee d’Orsay and etc. I suggest doing your homework before you go and make a list of must see places as we did. Paris is a beautiful city and truly the city of love.




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