Byron has to be in the mood for pics and today was not the day lol


Meanwhile, Landen is always in the mood….well not always


WHAT I’M WEARING: Top: H&M/Forever 21 | Jeans: ZARA | Shoes: Chanel | Bag: Givenchy | Stroller/Car Seat: Doona

Hey Moms! So now I am officially back to work and I must say things have gotten hectic now that I am a mom of three! I must manage my time efficiently or things will get out of hand like literally out of hand! I live in Delaware but work in Philly, my daily commute is about 45-50 minutes without traffic. My husband works in Exton so I am solely responsible for getting the kids to daycare and school. My day starts at about 5/5:30 a.m. and I’m usually heading home around 3:15/4p.m. I have a 2 month-old daughter Ryann, 4 year-old son Landen and 11 year-old son Byron. I also have stepsons who stay with us every other weekend but my responsibilities for them are slim to none since they are practically preteens. I wanted to inspire my fellow moms with a few tips on how to juggle your time efficiently while being a working mom.

Make a Daily “To-Do” List – I like to make a daily and/or weekly to-do list to keep myself on task. When I immediately think of a task, I jot it down or else I will forget. Even if it is as simple as reminding myself to make a call, I write it down.

Be practical! Don’t overwhelm yourself with unrealistic goals.  Since I have a lot of down time at work I try to get some things done at work, like calls and emails. Total lifesaver.

Utilize InstaCart or Grocery Pick-Up – InstaCart will save your life! When I was on maternity leave I utilized this the most because I cannot and I mean cannot send my husband to the grocery store, he don’t look at prices and gets the wrong brand. I also use Walmart grocery pick up from time to time, you don’t have to get out the car which is a major plus when you have a newborn.

DelegateGet the whole family involved – give the hubby and kids some chores but don’t make it noticeable. I usually like to say “Hey babe, can you help me with xyz” and that gets the job done. My husband is pretty helpful generally but I like to take on a lot and then I have to stop myself when I get overwhelmed.

Get a Nap In – I never knew the power of a nap until I became a mom lol. Seriously, those power naps will get you energized, I see where my toddler gets all his energy from.

Plan Your Week – Major Key! I smile at the days when I only had to get myself ready 🙂 Now I have three little people depending on me! Sunday is my day to plan my work week. I like to do my laundry on Sundays, all on one day, because I just don’t like to deal with it any other day. I know this doesn’t work for everyone but since I watch reality TV, I usually fold while I’m watching RHOA or something like that. From there, I plan everyone’s outfit for the week, except Byron because he wears a school uniform.

I really hate being in the kitchen for hours on end after a full day of work. I’m guilty of taking the easy way out and ordering pizza when I’m lazy. To avoid this I like to meal plan for the week. I usually like to cook on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I like to keep my meals at about 30-45 minutes (quick meals).  Thursday, Friday and Saturday is fend for yourself or eat out lol.

Be Organized – For me, this means keeping my handbag clutter-free! The plus side is that I can think clearly when I am organized, in and outside of the home.

Have Some Fun – Don’t be so serious all the time, make sure you have fun along the way!






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