Hey everyone! I wanted to put together a “How To” on saving money when traveling to Disney World.  It can really be affordable and not as expensive as some people may think. My family and I love traveling and Disney World is one of my favorite places to travel at least once a year. I am going to break down the areas in which I saved the most to give a better insight and hopefully this can help someone who plans on traveling to Disney this year.


Our last trip to Disney we took american airlines and we went during Labor Day Weekend and the prices were fairly cheap.  We spent about $118 per child/adult. My suggestion and top tip when traveling is to check dates first for a reasonable airfare. I don’t like to pick my dates first because you will literally be surprised as to how cheap you can find airfare if your dates are flexible. I usually check google for airfare prices because it will give you every airline company. You can find airfare as low as $80/round-trip to Orlando, FL. I prefer american airlines or delta, but even Frontier have cheaper flights, they often have $20/one-way flights ($40/round-trip) but you have to take into consideration baggage which is additional. If I am flying frontier it is usually a weekend trip, whereas, I can pack small and only take a carry-on which is free.

6176673888_IMG_0231 (1)


My next tip would be to travel in a large group because this is where you will save the bulk of your money. My entire family (mom, dad, sisters, brothers, nephew and etc.) all rented an Airbnb house with a garage, pool and other amenities where we all had our own bedroom and private bathroom. We all shared the cost of the home which was approximately $1,000 for 5 days so essentially our housing cost was $100. We went grocery shopping and shared the cost, some days we cooked breakfast and some days we went out for breakfast.  My husband and I rented our own private car and my dad and mom rented a car for the other half of the family.  We had a two car garage so this worked out perfectly.


In this department, there is honestly not much you can save on, but I do suggest purchasing your tickets online versus at the park.  You can definitely save a few dollars. We did Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Universal Studios (my favorite) and Animal Kingdom. Personally, I don’t care for Epcot. We did one park a day, exploring parks can get tiresome so I knew I didn’t have the energy for a park hopper, especially with a toddler. Lines are long and it is “HOT HOT.” I do suggest getting the FastPass, but you have to have a strategy to get your monies worth.



As I mentioned earlier in this post, we went to the grocery store for some of the days, mainly for breakfast before heading to the parks. I personally prefer having the option to purchase my own food. Disney does have the option to purchase a meal plan while staying on their resorts (I’ve done this before in the past) but I prefer to rent a car and come and go as I please, go to restaurants and etc.





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