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As a mom of three, a vacation without the kids is ESSENTIAL. Even if you have one child, I totally suggest at least one trip a year without your kids! Whether a lavish trip, weekend getaway, baecation or girls trip, NO KIDS! Before I got married, when it was just me and Byron, I would take yearly trips with the girls and it literally was a game changer for me.  My first trip was a cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and it changed my life forever because it was then I realized I was a aspiring jet-setter. I am still an aspiring jet-setter, I really wish I could travel for a living, that is my dream job, minus TSA LOL.

Personally, what I like to do is, a family trip and solo trip a/k/a baecation, at least once  a year or more. I prefer to do the family trip first but sometimes that doesn’t work out cause I usually like to have the trip fall somewhere near my birthday.

I’m going to share some key factors in how I “not feel guilty” when traveling without the kiddos:

  • Know that taking a vacation without your kids is like a reward to yourself, you work hard!
  • Stay connected and utilize FaceTime;
  • Plan something for your kids while your gone; something they can look forward to and bribery works wonders with kids 🙂
  • Vacation with your kids as well, separately;
  • Remember that the vacation is going to “re-charge” you for #Momlife;
  • Having alone time as a couple is so so so so important! This should be a post in itself, but seriously, so many couples neglect their spouse for their kids! It’s all about balance so that the whole operation can run smoothly, if you catch my drift 🙂 ;
  • Have a trusted caregiver – mom, sister, friend or even in-laws. Once you get photos while on vacation it will literally put your mind at ease knowing your kids are in good care;
  • And most importantly GIVE UP THE GUILT!

P.S. – As most of you may know, I have a now 6-month old daughter Ryann, and it was so difficult to leave her *sad face*. It took me a long time to decide if taking a trip was the right move. I wanted to do something international but I knew I would have to take a longer trip versus a weekend trip. So we decided to do Las Vegas, NV for my husband’s birthday and it was the perfect way to tip-toe back into traveling. I’m very protective and a tad-bit obsessed with the kids so I have to say I did pretty good!

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  1. It makes me really happy to see when a Mama gets to take time for herself. I hope you and your husband have many more kid-free, guilt-free trips in your future. You definitely deserve them. And, I’m sure you love your kids so much more when you get through the door after not seeing them for a couple of days ❤

    Happy Early Mother's Day! Sending you love. Thanks for sharing.

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