WHAT I’M WEARING: Top: H&M | Jeans: Target | Shoes: Gucci

As a mom of three, its so easy to let life get in the way. I try extremely hard to stay focused on my goals and when I seem to fall off course, I have a few tactics that I like to apply to keep myself disciplined.

Staying focused and disciplined is very important because this is going to allow you to execute that goal. It is easy to set a goal but execution is key.

Here are 13 ways I stay focused:

  1. My accountability partners (Mom & Husband);
  2. My kids (Just the thought of them puts me in check);
  3. Reading a book – at least one a month;
  4. Listening to podcast;
  5. Writing my thoughts, and referring back to them;
  6. Passion (although I’m unpaid right now, my passion is what keeps me going);
  7. A daily to-do list;
  8. Waking up early (I get so motivated when I wake up early which is totally new for me);
  9. Taking a break from social media;
  10. Eliminating distractions (friends, family, jobs, etc.);
  11. Surrounding myself with successful people;
  12. A bomb ass music playlist (Meek Mills music constantly motivates me; create a list based on what music motivates you and play that whenever you are in a funk); and
  13. Prioritizing what matters over what don’t, period!

Let’s get to work!

Thank you for reading,






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