Nothing feels better than feeling like you can accomplish the world. That’s literally how I feel when my morning is off to a great start. When I wake up early, make breakfast for the kids, grab a cup of coffee, arrive to work on time…I’m like YESSSSSSS! **Flips hair*

But then it’s those day that I wake up late, can’t find Landen shoes, Ryann is crying non stop, Byron is moody AF and I’m like “Everything is going wrong.” So with that being said I try to plan accordingly.

Not today satan. Bye!

Today I’m sharing 5 things you can do in the morning that will get you off to a great start!

  1. Wake Up Early!

My goal is to wake up at 5 am but honestly I am not there yet. But I am in the 6 am category. Little progress is good progress. Waking up early allow you to plan your day out without just going with the flow, we have to intentional about everything.

  1. Do Your Worst Task First

Once you “eat the frog” in a sense, the rest of the day will be easy.

  1. Exercise

I don’t know about you but exercising gives me an extra boost of energy that I didn’t know existed and statistically speaking, it increases brain function which is going to help you throughout the day.

  1. Go Over Your Priorities/To-Do List

What is your number one goal? What is important to you? What makes you happy?

  1. Lastly, Do Not Engage In Anything That is Nonessential

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time 🙂




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