About Me


I am Lisa Lee. Born in Philadelphia, PA. I attended Temple University and later graduated from Peirce College with a degree in paralegal studies. I currently reside in Delaware while working in Philadelphia as a paralegal.

Recently, I have been extremely interested in developing a personal brand and have been searching for my passion to be able to work on something I truly enjoy. Growing up, I never really knew exactly what I wanted to be, I always envisioned myself as a phenomenal mother to my kids, bomb wife to my husband and fierce business woman all while dominating my personal business goals. So I decided to create this blog to discuss the things I am most passionate about and to inspire women to crush their goals without sacrificing the other important parts of their life. Follow my journey as I share some tips and tricks on finances, styling, upcoming travels and most importantly being a mom and wife.

My goal is to inspire moms and woman in general to create the life that you want despite the obstacles you face.